RD Sharma is known to me for over two decades. With his military background, he is a through professional and an excellent leader. He stands out tall among the crowd with his qualities of “An officer and a Gentleman”. He is outstanding in his professional knowledge and is a man with courage of conviction to put it to good use even if it is not in his personal interest. Because, for him the organization comes first. The leader in him has always made him put his personal interest subordinate to the interest of his followers. Undoubtedly, he is a man who would be an asset wherever he works. I wish him and his firm a very best.

Jonnalagadda Sudhakar

Professional in Logistics Management

It is my utmost pleasure to be acquainted with Wing Commander RD Sharma who has been a dedicated Engineer.He leads with examples. He has been an asset to the Indian Air Force. Having sound knowledge with great communication skills makes him an extra ordinary character. With his creativity and innovative mind, he will be catalyst to any organisation. He has a very helpful attitude and is always ready to help out his colleagues/team members; it is this quality that has brought him great acceptance among us. One of the most important qualities in him is that his willingness towards gathering & sharing knowledge related to his core fields as well as his commitment towards the task. I am sure; all these quality will lead him to become a successful professional in future. I wish him all the best for his professional life.

Vishnu kant Sharma

Soft Skills (PD) Trainer

RD worked with me in Adampur and Chandigarh bases. An extremely focussed and and result oriented officer, he could achieve operational grade of combat crew in very period of time.He is technically very sound and that give him edge in problem solving. I wish him all successes in life. Jai hind. Wg Cdr Gyaneshwar Singh

Wg Cdr Gyaneshwar Singh

Principal,OP Jindal Community college.

Rising to the occasion and commitment that extends to life qualities of a AF professional. Values that are imbibed in blood are qualitles that comes when in battle mode or in peace mode. What all organisations that would like to get is the qualities of an a combatant to grow and survive. I will blindly recommend RDS for leadership and commitment to delivery.

Gnana SS

CEO at Best Of Breed Sowtware Sol Pvt Ltd

RD Sharma, apart from being a competent officer, has also deep and varied academic interests.His area of specialisation is human resources management, both as an academician and practitioner. His research work on successful CEOs has helped in identification of traits of successful CEOs

Dr. Arvind Sharma

Chief General Manager at Reserve Bank of India

RD is an experienced maintenance manager with good experience in fighter aircraft maintenance as well as personnel management and administration. He is pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any organisation. I wish him the very best.


Engineering Manager